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סורק ZEBEX דגם Z8062

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The Z-8062 2D Image Hands-free Scanner is especially designed to read barcodes off smart phone screens even when they are in low backlight settings. With its extraordinary optical technology, Z-8062 can easily decode most 1D and 2D barcodes. Wide scan angles of Z-8062 also provide users with intuitive aiming accuracy. It is the perfect solution for meeting requirements of mobile payment and retail stores.

 Designed for reading barcode off cell phone screen •
Wild scan window and elevation angle for scanning friendly •
Full directional code reading for added convenience •
Compact size can be placed in a constrained space •

Aiming Element
617 nm LED
Optical System
1280H×800V pixels (1.0M)
Depth of Field
Code39 (5 mil): 0 – 50 mm
EAN13 (13 mil): 0 – 220 mm
Note: DOF may vary depending on environment condition and barcode quality.
Min. Bar Width
5 mil (Code 39)
Scan Angle
38.2° horizontal; 24.3° vertical
Print Contrast
30% @ UPC/EAN 100%
Two-Color LED (blue, red)
Programmable Operation
Scan Mode, Beeper tone
System Interface
RS-232, USB

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